In Translation | Diyar Pala - Pompalamasyon

Diyar Pala in the video for his 2010 single "Pompalamasyon"

This song will probably become a lesson in our series on colloquial Turkish at a later date. The singer, Diyar Pala, was born in London, where he became active in the performing arts. An accomplished traveler, his oeuvre could be most generously described as a playful experiment in cultural synthesis. He adapts the motifs of pop music and a hip-hop/RnB aesthetic to a Turkish-language context, creating compositions that are as inimitable as they are unforgettable.

The song's title reflects Diyar Pala's mischievous proclivity for linguistic wordplay. The term "Pompalamasyon", a portmanteau of sorts that conveys the image of repeated mechanical pumping, serves as the rhythmic centerpiece in an exquisite display of bravado, exuberance, and dare we say tenderness. Pala likens himself to a machine, an automaton guided by an inexhaustible drive for piston-like repetition. But if there is a hint of desperation in his words, there is no shortage of revelry, as he derives great satisfaction from the fulfillment of his one true function: to pump.

I was unable to ascertain the name of the woman who performs with Diyar Pala in this song, just as I (and the rest of the internet it would seem) was unable to transcribe the entirety of her contribution due to the inventive language she employs in her verse at the end of the song. If any of our readers are privy to either of these pieces of information, assistance would be appreciated.

Pompalamasyon, bu benim misyon
Pumpamating, that's my mission
Afrodizyak istemez doğuştan hazır füzyon
Doesn't take an aphrodisiac, it's born ready fusion
Woowoowoowoo baby yoo bu gece gelip benim ol
Woah woah woah oh baby yo, come be mine tonight

Sabah uyandım bir an şaşırdım
I woke up in the morning and was confused for a moment
Burası neresi
Where is this?
Ben burayı tanımadım
I don't recognize this place
Kollarımda bir kadın, şişt, acaba neydi adın?
There's a woman in my arms, psst "what was your name?"
Ne zaman geldik kafa güzeldi dün gece ben bayıldım
"When did we come back last night? I was drunk and I passed out"
Hemen ayıldım çevreme bakındım
I immediately came to and looked around me
Ortalık dağınık pantolonu bulamadım
The area was messy and I couldn't find my pants
Kıza sordum pantolonum nerde
I asked the girl "Where are my pants?"
Dedi boş ver benimki de yerde
She said, "nevermind, mine are on the floor too"
Kıza bakınca canım yine onu çekti
When I looked at the girl, I got hungry for her again
Seksi bakışlarıyla verdi bana yetki
She gave me authorization with her sexy glances
Pompalamasyon gece gündüz
Pumpamating day and night
Eridi bitti kollarımda hatun oldu dümdüz
She melted and finished in my arms, the lady was flattened
Ben makineyim bu da benim işim
[Robot voice] I'm a machine [] and this is my function
Canın acırsa senin için yavaşlayabilirim
If you're hurting I can ease it for you
Sağım solum belli olmaz seni sevebilirim
I'm all over the place (meaning unpredictable), I could love you
Belki de yanında uzun süre kalabilirim
And perhaps I could stay with you for a longtime

Pompalamasyon bu benim misyon
Afrodizyak istemez doğuştan hazır füzyon
Woowoowoo baby yoo bu gece gelip benim ol (x2)

Çok güzelsin çok şekersin
You're so pretty, you're so sweet
Ama fazla bağlanırsan kafayı çizersin
But if you get too attached, you'll go crazy
Gel deme gelemem bekleme sevemem
Don't say come, I can't come, don't wait, I can't love
Elleme veremem kalbimi
Don't touch, I can't give you my heart
Sana ben kaç kere söyledim bu iş böyledir
How many times have I said this is how it is
Oyunun kuralı bu biri gider biri gelir
That's the rule of the game, one goes, another comes
Çevremde çok kız var pompalamazsam ağlarlar
There are a lot of girls around me, if I don't pump, they'll cry
Sırasını beklesin herkes size özel çok zamanım var
Everyone can wait their turn, I have a lot of time just for each of you
Nereye kadar vurkaç ve saklan
How long will you hit and run and hide
Uslanırsın adam akıllı bi kız bulsan
You'll behave yourself once you find the right girl
O gün gelene dek bu eğlenceden bıkmam
Until that day comes, I'll never tire of this fun
Eylemlerim devam eder evlenmeden durmam
My actions will continue, I won't stop until I get married
Bir melek var içimde, saklı gizli bekleyen
There's an angel in me, hidden, secretly waiting
Sevgilisiyle iyi bir yerde mutlu günler isteyen
One that wants to have happy days in a nice place with the one he loves
Şeytan var içinde azgın bir biçimde
There's a devil in you, in a wild state
Önüne çekici kız çıkınca gidip çöker üstüne
When an attractive girl comes before him, he goes and pounces on her

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