Welcome to Tuned-in Turkish, a musical companion to Turkish language learning. We currently have two units of lesson and exercises, bonus material, and other translations and listening available for your enjoyment.

Unit 1: Verbs Come First    
Lesson 01 | Walking in Beyoğlu  -iyor Present Progressive
       Like a Daisy  -iyor Bonus Listening
       Like a Stone on My Chest  -iyor mu Interrogative
Lesson 02 | Essential Things-mek/mak Infinitive
       Thinking of You  -mek Bonus Listening
       Made to Laugh  -mek için In Order To
Lesson 03 | Seasons Past-di Simple Past
Lesson 04 | The Past is a Wound  -dir Is
       My Diary  -dir Bonus Listening
Lesson 05 | All These Years  -dir Since
Lesson 06 | I Too Have a Heart  var
Lesson 07 | As If-gibi/sanki Description
Lesson 08 | I Will Die-ecek Future
Lesson 09 | You Will See-en/an
Lesson 10 | I Have Nothing yok
Lesson 11 | Nobody's Perfect  Imperative
Lesson 12 | The Train to Germany  Negative Imperative
Lesson 13 | Let's Break Up -elim Let's
        Unit 1 Review    
Unit 2: Endless Endings    
Lesson 14 | Karaköy  -ir Aorist
Lesson 15 | Even If-se Conditional
Lesson 16 | I Would Gladly Die-Adverbial Ending
Lesson 17 | Let Me Be Your Hiccup  -ken When
Lesson 18 | Come Back in September-meden Without
Lesson 19 | Let Me Go to Rumeli-eyim 1st Person Optative
Lesson 20 | May They Be Ashamed-sin 3rd Person Optative
Lesson 21 | What We Did Under That Tree   -dik Adjectival Participle
Lesson 22 | Isn't It Enough?-dik Participle Noun
Lesson 23 | You Must Return-meli Must
Lesson 24 | I Can Do It-ebil Can/Could
Lesson 25 | I Can't Speak-ememek Can't
       I Can't Get Drunk  -emiyor Cannot (Presently)
Lesson 26 | So Apparently...-miş Evidential Past
       We Had No Idea  -miş Bonus Listening