My Diary

Lesson 4 | Listening Practice

As we learned in Lesson 4, the -dir ending, while not necessary to convey the meaning of "is", can be used to make a declarative statement of fact. Using this song by Nilüfer, pay attention to the use of -dir and practice listening.

The sentences in the chorus are out of normal word order. See if you can put the subjects, objects, and verbs in their proper place!


hatıra - memory, memento
hatıra defteri - diary

Note that here the word for diary is a place to keep memories or memoirs if you will. This can be contrasted with another meaning for diary, günlük, which is the book you write in "daily".

güzel - nice, beautiful
yer - place
senin - yours
söz - word
resim - picture
derin - deep

önce - before
yıllar önce - years before
yeniden - once again, again
birkaç - a few

Nilüfer - Hatıra Defteri

Çorak gönlüm dökülen gözyaşımla sulanır
My parched heart is watered by my falling tears
Yıllar önce gömdüğüm aşk yeniden canlanır
The love that I buried years ago once again comes to life

Hayalimde sevgilim salıncakta sallanır
In my dream, my beloved swings on a swing
Onu buldum sanarak dertli gönlüm aldanır
My aching heart is deceived, thinking that I found him

Yine beni benden aldı hatıralarım
My memories have overcome me again
Yine beni derde saldı hatıralarım
My memories have led me to sorrow again

Kalbim aşkla dopdolu hatıra defterimdir
My heart is my diary filled to the brim with love
Onun en güzel yeri inan yine senindir
The nicest place in it, believe me, is still yours

Şimdi bana hatıra birkaç söz bir resimdir
Now, to me, the memory is a few words and a picture
Bunun bende yarası umduğundan derindir
Its wound in me is deeper than you would expect

Yine beni benden aldı hatıralarım
Yine beni derde saldı hatıralarım

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