Made to Laugh

Lesson 2 | Listening Practice
-mek için In Order To

In this listening practice, we'll use a more challenging song to look at the -mek words in action, specifically to highlight the -mek için construction, which is used to convey the meaning "in order to".

The word "için" can be translated as "for", but when it's combined with a verb, it has the meaning of "to" or "in order to". See if you can figure out how it is used below in the song below, performed by Mehmet Erdem, which I've translated to make things easier.


gülmek - to smile, to laugh
yaratmak - to make/create
yaratılmış - made, created (adjective)
sevmek - to love
olmak - to be
(-e) inanmak - to believe
benzemek - to resemble

kalp - heart
bomboş - completely empty
mutlu - happy
göz - eye
söz - word
yalan - lie, false, untrue
gerçek - reality
sevgi - love (from sevmek)
acı - bitter, painful, spicy, sad, harsh

için - for, in order to
niye - why?
sakın - don't dare (used with negative imperative)
yok - here: no, also, there is not

Mehmet Erdem - Gülmek İçin Yaratılmış

Gülmek için yaratılmış gözlerde yaşlar niye
Why are there tears in eyes made for laughing?
Sevmek için yaratılmış kalpler hep bomboş niye
Why are hearts made to love always completely empty?
Sevmesini bilmiyorsan bakma sakın gözlerime
If you don't know how to love them, don't you dare look in my eyes
Mutlu olmak istiyorsan inan inan sözlerime
If you want to be happy, believe what I say
Yok yok yalan deme sevgi denen o gerçeğe
No, no, don't say that reality we call love is a lie
Sevmek acı gerçek acı benzer birbirine
Loving is bitter, reality is bitter, they resemble each other

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